In the last 15 days ASIC miners from Bitmain aggressively increased the number of mined blocks in the network zcash for up to 40%, undermining the position of the largest pool Flypool. In the next week can happen a fundamental redistribution of control over the network in favour of ASIC miners. About this ForkLog said the representatives

According to a pool controlled by the ASIC miners, Hasrat is already 300 MSol/s and continues to grow. If the trend continues, then soon the owner of the majority of devices will receive the actual opportunity to attack 51%.

Previously it was thought that the miners are extremely profitable to attack this re-spending, however, a real possibility to short the digital assets in parallel, carrying the attack to the collapse of the prices can be quite a powerful motive to sabotage the network. It is worth emphasizing that recently these attacks have become more frequent.

In note that not sending Bitmain ASIC-miners-for zcash for pre-order and uses them for personal gain. The members of the pool think that Bitmain would start shipping the device only when the zcash for developers will offer to change the algorithm of consensus over what they are already working.

On the unscrupulous activities of the company Bitmain has announced earlier the founder of the project Sia and the head manufacturer of equipment for mining cryptocurrency Obelisk David Warwick.

We will remind, ASIC miner for zcash for was presented in early may.