Mourdoukoutas Panos (Panos Mourdoukoutas), by market segment blogs by Forbes, has gathered the views of researchers and practitioners cryptocurrency sector about whether to expect further growth of capitalisation of virtual assets. With the predictions and arguments of the experts interviewed by the economist, you can find the translation CoinMarket.News.

No major cryptocurrency has not escaped Sunday massacre. For the week bitcoin lost of 15.94% of its value, Ethereum — 20,14% and XRP — 18,81% (as of 14.06.2018 — approx. CoinMarket.News). Of all the first hundreds of cryptocurrency a small increase was recorded only Tether.

The decline occurred in the period when against the background of tougher oversight of the ICO appeared troubling for investors is the news about the hacking of the South Korean stock exchange Coinrail.

However, some experts believe that the massive increase in the value of cryptocurrencies is still to come.

Ben Marx (Ben Marks), founder and CEO Blocktrade Capital, is one of them:

“The greatest growth is still ahead. We are still seeing volume spikes and quotes as soon as the token creators to publish positive news, such as recent news about the listing Ethereum Classic on Coinbase. […] Moreover, its own token Binance quietly ahead top 20 cryptocurrencies for the long-term effectiveness. This indicates that investors continue to stimulate the market, and they create positive trends. In order for these trends began long, it is necessary that the positive news continued to prevail over the negative, keeping momentum,” says Marx.

Agree with him and Chris Klein (Chris Kline), co-founder and COO

“I believe that better days await us the future. In recent months we have witnessed several waves of interest from institutional investors in the cryptocurrency sector, including news about the opening of trading bitcoin Golman Sachs and cooperation with Nasdaq cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. I think that the widespread decline in rates of cryptocurrencies is due to the fact that the legislation is being formed, but once this passes, prices will go up.”

Others are more skeptical. For example, Mary Saracco (Mary Saracco), Chairman of the Alcanzi Security, says:

“Despite the fact that over the last couple of months there were many opportunities for the growth of prices of many cryptocurrencies, the real increase in values will appear when the technology will really benefit the mass market. […] The use of the blockchain for the benefit of the community is the main reason why we must continue to work on infrastructure,” says Saracco.

Some complexity makes the fact that while bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are at a crossroads between the niche enthusiasts and the public sphere.

“Because of the constant flow of new information focus often moves to the fans of cryptocurrencies, while in the center must be all of society, within and outside the cryptocurrency industry. Thus, mass adoption is a key issue for the future of the blockchain. Most often, the value lies in simple things. And while we use technology to solve complex problems that remain unresolved, we can expect the maximum increase,” — said Saracco.

It used to be, and will continue, although predicting when and what is the future of cryptocurrency will be a winner quite difficult.

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