After a significant drop August 14, capitalization of the stock market began a recovery and during the previous week increased by 13.7%. On 20 August at the time of writing its value is $215 billion, and the maximum mark for the period was recorded August 18 — more than $225 billion.

Bitcoin price in this period was characterized by high volatility: it rose to the level of $6532,92-6682,68, and then fell again to around $6000. Currently bitcoin is trading at $6400-6500.

This movement can be characterized as an upward correction of the previous downtrend. Possible limits for it, we stretched the Fibonacci grid

Fig. 1 — BTCUSD, Daily

The important levels for upward correction will be: 38,2% ($6900), 50,0% ($7200), 61,8% ($7510,07), each of which can form a reverse downward movement. The consolidation above the latter will speak on the strengthening of the upward movement and the transition into a new trend, causing the price to continue growth to the level of $8500,43.

Do not forget about the downtrend. If the price breaks and consolidates below $5764,57, it is likely the downtrend will continue towards $5000.


As stated in the previous review of course, the price of Ethereum cryptocurrency reached $274,80, followed by market consolidation. At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $300-290.

Fig. 2 — ETHUSD, Daily

The price tests the resistance at $274,80-250,70, in the case of a break-through which will extend the downside movement to around $200.

Such a strong fall in the price of this cryptocurrency is credited with once the sale of its coins. ICO-companies that in many ways makes the cryptocurrency is irrelevant at the moment.

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Egor Tishin, an analyst at TSI Analytics, especially for Coinspot

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