American company specialized in shipping and logistics, UPS has applied for a patent on blockchain system that will allow you to conveniently store the information about sending parcels around the world.

From the patent application, which was published by the patent and trademark office (USPTO) last Thursday that the company plans to rethink the system of the world’s supply by using technology of distributed registry. The document describes the platform based on the blockchain, designed to hold various types of information about parcels: the destination, the transportation plans and schemes of displacement.

I wonder what UPS offers to apply multiple distributed registries to delegate each a variety of functions and be able to track more and more parcels. For example, one block may contain all the primary documents, i.e. invoices, certificates and other, and the second blockchain shipping documents.

Recall that last fall, UPS joined blockchain consortium “the Blockchain in transport” (BiTA), and later, in the current year, told about the system of storage facilities for the exchange of goods to accept payment in bitcoins. The fact that the company is looking for different ways to improve the process of supply around the world, is not unexpected, given its scope. Last year, UPS reported to send more than 5 billion packages and documents, while receiving $54 billion in revenue.

The supply chain management is one of those areas in which the blockchain penetrates the most active. So, in July, the Institute of technology FedEx has announced its intention to develop a system for delivery of drugs for cancer patients based on a distributed registry. FedEx also included in the Association BiTA. In the same month it became known that its management system deliveries to the blockchain creates Walmart. This system will manage the special boxes for long-term storage of packages.