BTCUSD: After a false breakout of the support $3500 Bitcoin has finally found the strength to bounce from this level and out of range up. The coin is crossed from below the moving average ЕМА50, but ЕМА200 continues to put pressure on BTCUSD. In the Asian session the Bitcoin tested the level of 23.6% Fibo of the previous downward movement. In case of breaking this level to go long at a price of $3620. If the coin will unfold from the level of 23.6% Fibo down and break support of $3500, open a short position, starting at $3470.

LTCUSD: Litecoin entrenched above the 38.2% Fibo, but could not go further. In the Asian session coin consolidates between the levels of 38.2% and 61.8% Fibo. Technical indicators say in favor of buyers. ЕМА50 and ЕМА200 support Litecoin and MACD rose above zero. Buy LTCUSD at a price of $30,70 if the price will rise above the level of 61.8% Fibo. In shorts flip, if the coin falls below the 38.2% Fibo. Sales start in this case at $29,70.

ETHUSD: IN Ethereum, there is a struggle of bulls and bears for the local resistance of $116. Support the coin have a moving average and MACD ЕМА50, published in positive zone. If buyers will fixate above the resistance of $116, buy Air priced from $118. In the case of the rebound from the level of $116 is included in the shorts, starting at $115.