2019 Conference, April 25-26 in Minsk open

Crypto Games Conference was first held in may 2018 in Kiev. The world’s first conference dedicated to the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the gaming industry.
The conference, which will be held on 25-26 April 2019 in Minsk, will be the third in a row. Will attend

  • 1000+ professionals from more than 30 countries
    • More than 100 speakers
    • The Big Pitch session for startups and investors
    • CGC Awards ceremony to recognize innovation and reward creativity
    • CGC Showcase and exhibition space for startups and indie developers
    • A series of networking CGC ( pre-party, party, mingle, etc.)
    • Game two-day hackathon on the blockchain
    Among regular participants of the conference are WAX, ALTO, Waves, Edgeless, BetInReal, Scorum, BitGuild, POA Network, DMarket, DappRadar, DAO.Casino TrueFlip, BitGuild, Auctionity, DOGI, GAEX, XAYA, and many others.

Topics of the conference are related to the three segments of the blockchain-gaming – cryptogr, iGaming, gaming, and ecosystem services.
Crypto Games Conference is the world’s largest event focused on blockchain of the game and is required to visit the professional players on the blockchain-industry!

Since the beginning of December has opened registration for speakers, sponsors and partners. The number of places is limited.

On all matters of coordination of media partnerships please contact:

Mary Yakovleva

Media Coordinator
[email protected]

Location: Belarus, Minsk, PR.Winners 20, Marriott Minsk Hotel

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