Manufacturer of processors and graphics cards AMD have entered into a partnership with companies Sapphire, ASROCK, ASUS, MSI, Biostar, TUL and Rajintek for joint production of new devices for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, writes 8btc.

The partners will present eight of equipments for mining. In particular, the “stability-oriented” solution called I ASUS, model INCA SAPPHIRE CS-14 Series 14 AMD Radeon RX 470, the device Rajintek Customizable Plug and Play Solutions with 10, Radeon and others.

New devices designed to increase the profits of the miners prefer to mine crypto-currency by using cards. Prices on equipment are still unknown.

Note, despite falling sales of graphics cards for mining, AMD still relies on cryptonote. In October the company published a report which says that sales of the popular among the miners of graphics cards has been steadily falling.

At the same time, the leading manufacturer of graphics chips, Nvidia announced its decision to cease to focus on the industry of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, was identified as the main causes of low yield, which it brings with it.