Research division of the Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has announced a new tool to keep track of forks in the networks of the bitcoin Bitcoin and Cash.

BitMEX describes its new resource called ForkMonitor as “a useful tool to monitor the situation during upgrades of networks (soft and hard forks of forks), and identification of unintended bugs in the consensus.” ForkMonitor connected to several nodes in the bitcoin block chain and Bitcoin Cash.

BitMEX release precedes the upcoming hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash, to be held November 15. The exchange emphasizes that it is a new tool currently is focused on this event, but after finishing “the web site will also focus on the network of bitcoin”.

The upcoming hard fork of Bitcoin Cash is controversial, so the tool BitMEX may be particularly useful in order to follow the events in real time.

“What will happen to Bitcoin ABC, SV Bitcoin and Bitcoin Unlimited during the hard fork BCH 15 Nov? – says an exchange. – It is expected that Noda @ProfFaustus (aka Factory), separate from the network in the new chain. Learn what will happen to”.

BitMEX also notes that the tool can be useful for identifying bugs in the consensus, such as vulnerability, codenamed “CVE-2018-17144”, which was resolved by bitcoin developers in September.

Last month, BitMEX research unit published a report in which it announced that ICO-campaign as a phenomenon has not suffered large losses, despite a decline in the cryptocurrency market.

Previously, their willingness to support the hard fork Bitcoin Cash exchange reported Binance and OKEx. Later they were joined by Poloniex and Coinbase.

Also about his intention to support the chain Bitcoin ABC announced developer hardware wallets best wallet.

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