According to the catalog State of the Dapps, 394 decentralized applications (dApps), based on the blockchain was abandoned. This means that just over 17% of 2281 existing dApp in 2018 did not show any activity.

In the directory is only about 1300 decentralized applications marked with a status of “actively used”, but abandoned, others refer to categories such as “in development”, “beta”, “prototype”, “concept”, “hidden” or “not functioning”.

DApps is added to the list abandoned, if in GitHub for one year and no longer reflected any development activities. In the future, these abandoned applications are excluded from the ranking website.

Recall that in late December, the founder and head of TRON Justin San (Jastin Sun) announced the company’s plans to create a Fund designed to “save” the dApps developers working on platforms Ethereum and EOS, with the condition that they will take your application to the network TRON.