On the third of January took action Proof of Keys, organized bitcoin investor Tracy Meyer (Trace Mayer) and directed to return the users control over their private keys, as well as due diligence services and trading platforms.

During the action the participants of massively withdraw their money with exchanges to private wallets to verify the fact of his possession of a digital money. Several major cryptocurrency sites have shown to be ineffective – in the list published on the official website after completion, was Bitfinex, Poloniex and Robinhood.

The number of criticisms caused HitBTC her customers complained about the problem with the withdrawal and lack of response from the support team and project team before the start of the Proof of Keys. Bitfinex said that the delays were caused by problems with payment gateways, assuring users that all their funds are in safety.

Proof of Keys also had a negative impact on the purse Purse, which suspended the withdrawal without explanation:

@TraceMayer It looks like #ProofOfKeys has impacted @PurseIO somehow. They have halted withdrawals without reasonable explanation. 🔑

— Senior Crypto (@crypto_senior) January 3, 2019

For the campaign was chosen symbolically for the community date: January 3, when the zero block chain Bitcoin was 10 years old.

Despite the positive reaction of the users of the media profile to assess the impact of Proof of Keys as a minor, as the target audience of the campaign does not cover a number of major markets.