Visa CEO Alfred Kelly (Alfred Kelly) said that the company can begin to work with cryptocurrencies, provided their mass use as a means of payment. He told this during an interview on “Mad Money” on CNBC.

Asked the host about whether the company feels the “threat” posed by the cryptocurrency, Kelly said:

“In the short or medium term — absolutely not, because, I think, market participants should really assume that the cryptocurrency of the item become a payment instrument. Also needed a market in which cryptocurrencies can be treated as Fiat money — then we will change their attitude.”

Kelly added that in the case of successful development of the cryptocurrency sector, the company is likely to develop in this direction to remain among the leaders in the financial market. Overall, however, he is skeptical, and, in his opinion, cryptocurrency is still not considered a full-fledged means of payment:

“If we have to develop this sector, we do, but today, cryptocurrencies are more of commodity rather than a payment arrangement”.

Despite sustained skepticism over the past 10 months Kelly has slightly changed the attitude towards cryptocurrencies. In an interview with CNBC in January this year, he said that Visa would never work with this type of assets.