The state company “Swiss Federal Railways” (SBB) will implement a blockchain ID system employees. Therefore, SBB has plans to strengthen measures to control access to its objects. On completion of testing the concept, the company announced yesterday in a newsletter to the media.

The system developed by the Swiss companies Linum Labs on the basis of the identification Protocol uPort. The final test took the developers six months (may to November). In a press release said that the project aimed at optimizing the process, formerly dependent on paper documents, and create a “dynamic work environment with proven digital solutions based on the blockchain”.

Trials several employees were asked to create their login profile using the mobile app uPort. Later accounts were used to mark at the entrance and exit areas, as well as to confirm the skill of employees. Read more Linum Labs explained the concept in his blog on Medium:

“Autonomous identification profile based on the blockchain is perfect for this task, because workers will be able to use these data to change jobs, and thus no company will be able to own or to dispose of them. In addition, podtverjdeniem qualifications will also be involved in a few organizations.”

Identification system is one of the most common applications of the blockchain, but in most cases they are used by banks as part of the KYC-procedures (“know your customer”; “know your customer”). For example, such a system jointly with a company specialized in cyber security, Gemalto has developed a banking consortium R3.