About two hours ago token Ripple XRP ahead of ETH at the market capitalization, taking the second position in the ranking. During the hours of the assets kept the gap at about $2.5 billion and now the indices closer together.

The rise of XRP in the ranking of cryptocurrency was made possible thanks to an intense rally, which lasted slightly more than a day: from last 30 hours quotes XRP rose 70,72% (testimony at the time of publication of the material). The previous massive growth in the value of the token was recorded in January of this year.

As suggested by the CCN, the most likely reason for this increase of course is the announcement of the launch xRapid next month. Matthew Newton (Matthew Newton), analyst at eToro, believes that the key role played by a coincidence of several factors:

“Despite the reputation of the most biased cryptocurrency, XRP is in great demand among clients eToro; it is the most popular asset on our platform. As before, quotes [XRP] are growing “short spurts”, gaining momentum, when there is hype. Time will tell how long it will last this time.”

In comments CCN head of mobile services Revolut ed Cooper (Ed Cooper) said:

“High transaction fees [other networks], and also the General mood of participants of the market after Monday’s announcement could indeed play a key role in the rise of XRP to new heights […] And although this is great news for many in cryptosuite and especially for fans of XRP, to say that well established bullish trend, it is too early for the current state of the market: from the beginning, almost all of cryptocurrency lost a significant part of its value”.

Previously, some experts had predicted growth of quotations XRP after the great General decline. So, Chris Klein (Chris Kline), co-founder and COO BitcoinIRA.com and Ben Marx (Ben Marks), founder and CEO Blocktrade Capital, expressed their confidence that the rally and the historical maximum of the asset is still to come.