Oracle Corp. released a package, cloud-based blockchain-on-demand for supply chain management. Representatives of the company utverjdayut that the new product will improve the tracking accuracy and transparency at all stages of handling.

The package includes four programs: Intelligent Track and Trace, Lot Lineage and Provenance, Intelligent Cold Chain, Warranty and Usage Tracking. Individually, the applications are responsible for different aspects of cargo: cargo tracking, product origin, warranty, and assignment information.

Applications include open access to some data (e.g. about the whereabouts of the goods) not only the direct participants of supply chains and their final customers. In addition to the standard for this type of characteristics (transparency, optimize workflow and others), Blockchain Oracle Applications Cloud includes functions of authentication and storage conditions during the entire delivery process.

Initially, the release of a new product was scheduled for may; later, in July, was announced a new date. Before the release of Oracle Blockchain Applications, the company held a series of joint tests with the Bank and government agencies as well as commercial enterprises.

Oracle Corp. actively developing and adjacent BaaS market (“blockchain as a service” blockchain as a service). A similar product offers Microsoft.