Microsoft has published two patent applications that describe the safe execution environment (TEE) for blockchain-based applications.

According to Thursday’s filings under the TEE means a medium for storing a predetermined form of blockchain or other safe Protocol in the tested nodes. TEE has the function of “attestation”, which is verification of the members of the network by matching data that store nodes.

As explained in patent applications, there are two main ways of using this system. The first option is the use of a safe runtime in the project “Consortium Blockchain Network” for companies, in groups. So, if the first network node will store the information on a predetermined list of participants, then using “certifications” you can safely add to “the United” new members.

The second option involves the use of a system for verification of transaction in the same network with a large number of subjects. After a process of “certification”, the transactions with the encrypted message will be processed and confirmed on the blockchain without decoding.

“Some examples describe the case when the network accepts the transaction, including the chain, and the state of the blockchain immediately updated. In other examples there is no need to create copies of transaction records to confirm the new block”, — is written in the documents from Microsoft.

Along with these two options use TEE-“certifications”, the application is referred one in connection with the framework Confidential Consortium (COCO), which has the potential to provide complex verification system that requires a consensus of a large number of checked nodes in the network.

These statements on patent licensing Department Microsoft filed last summer. This year, the company has integrated cloud platform Azure bloccano Ethereum, with which users can now create custom applications based on the technology of the distributed registry. Earlier this month, Microsoft presented a new BaaS-a product for enterprises that allows them to use Ethereum without mining. To ensure this, the product is used the mechanism of the proof-of-authority, suitable for the corporate network.

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