Yesterday sounded another optimistic forecast concerning the increase in the price of the leading cryptocurrency, this time from the CEO of Avenue Capital Group, Marc Lasry (Mark Lasry). During an interview for the program of CNBC’s Squawk Box, he sounded not only promising course, but the reasons for his achievements.

According to Lasry, highs last December — is not the limit for bitcoin, and it may reach the target of $20 000 and even $40 000. Lasry believes that this will contribute to the popularization of the asset and the emergence of alternative trading platforms, which facilitate the access to bitcoin for new investors.

“As bitcoin becomes more popular and the number of markets on which they trade, growing… to me it becomes only a matter of time.”

At the moment mark Lasry heads an investment company, under which assets are $9.6 billion in addition, he is co-owner of basketball team the Milwaukee Bucks.

Lasri not hide his investment in bitcoin, and admitted that it holds approximately 1% of their personal capital. According to him, most of the investments he made when the value of BTC between $5000 and $7500. And although he was unable to answer the question about what made him believe in the cryptocurrency, but said with confidence:

“I like bitcoin because you can use them in the end, be all”.

It should be noted that during the protracted bearish trend predictions for a rise to new highs continued to sound quite often. So, Fundstrat founder Tom Lee (Tom Lee) stayed true to his predictions, and although the upcoming rally of bitcoin after 2018 Consensus did not happen, he continues to insist on a price of $25 000 by the end of the year.

CEO of TenX Julian Hosp (Julian Hosp) went further and last week predicted a rise in value of bitcoin to $60,000, which will begin in mid-August and will be achieved before the new year.

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