Today Kakao Corp. announced the creation of a partnership of the Alliance for its blockchain-platform “Klaytn”. Nine South Korean companies have agreed to use the network Kakao for its commercial services. This writes BusinessKorea.

WeMadeTree, a subsidiary of WeMade Entertainment Co., be placed on the blockchain Kakao gaming applications. The other partner Kakao from the gaming industry, Vetta will use the blockchain for crowdfunding campaigns.

The range of platforms designed for publications, authored content for a wide audience that includes Network Fiction (library of webcomics) and service individualized advice on nutrition HINTChain. In addition HINTChain, applications and online services in the niche of healthy life and beauty on the basis of Klaytn include sports simulator Sportsplex, a social network to establish contacts in the beauty-sphere Cosmo Chain and a system of tracking the condition of patients with incurable or rare diseases Human Scape.

Other partners Kakao will offer banking and credit services (Rayon) and services for the transfer of personal data (Airblock Protocol).

These companies will participate in the subsequent operational activities associated with the development Klaytn. A full launch of the blockchain and the services planned for the first quarter of 2019.

About finding partners for your blockchain platform Kakao Corp. announced back in June. The first reports about the ongoing development Klaytn appeared in March of this year.