The company Innosilicon announced a new iron miner named Terminator 2, intended for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on the SHA256 algorithm. The difference between this miner was used process technology for chips — Innosilicon creates processors with 10Nm process technology. Terminator 2 wouldn’t be the first Asik on this process, but marks a gradual transition to 10-nanometer technology, which means a performance increase with the same energy consumption. The new ASIC will issue 17.2 of teruhisa per second in electricity consumption in 1570 watts.

Technical specifications Innosilicon Terminator 2:

  • Algorithm: SHA256
  • Hasrat: 17.2 Th/s with an accuracy of +/-6%
  • Power consumption: 1570 W (+/-6% at a temperature of 40 degrees and the power supply 93% efficiency)
  • The chip type: T2 Terminator ASIC
  • Dimensions: 400 mm (length) x 180 mm (width) x 150 mm (height)
  • Net weight: 7.5 kg (without PSU)
  • Operating temperature: 0°C – 50°C
  • Network: Ethernet

Information on the price and the date of commencement of supplies yet, also on the company’s official website has not yet started collecting orders for new equipment. Recall that recently Halong Mining also provided DragonMint T2 ASIC with similar hasraton of 17 teruhisa and 10Nm process technology. Looks like we should prepare for the emergence of new Usikov with 10Nm process from other, larger manufacturers such as Bitmain and Canaan.