Platform TokenSoft, ICO engaged in service, officially launches the support of projects on the Stellar Protocol.

TokenSoft helping cryptocurrency startups go through various legal procedures in the United States and internationally. Last Tuesday the company announced that, in addition to projects on the basis of Ethereum, will now work with the projects on the platform Stellar.

Admitted as co-founder of Mason Borda (Borda Mason), the idea is to add support for the projects on this platform emerged at the beginning of 2018, as only Stellar has become quite “Mature”. Last year, the company belonged to the system skeptical.

“We saw that the Stellar network, its set of tools and basic infrastructure has reached a sufficient degree of maturity, so we can offer support,” said Borda.

In addition, since the beginning of the year TokenSoft began to receive a stream of requests to support the running projects on the platform. To name specific names of the applicants, which will operate the company, the Board did not. But the timing TokenSoft already decided: the first ICO will begin in the next few months.

On plans for other platforms, the company is not yet talking. However the Board noted that the tools TokenSoft generic and not tied to some specific blockchains. And that’s logical because the legal regulation is the same for any of the ICO project, regardless of the set of tools he uses.

It is worth noting that the Stellar ecosystem gets more and more support in kripalani the field and is actively signing new partnership agreements. On Monday it became known that the startup is built on the Stellar Protocol, acquired another blockchain startup Chain. In early summer, we wrote about the Stellar intentions to buy the company, noting that the deal will bring the platform to new developers. According to the latest information, and Chain together will form a new company called Interstellar.

In the beginning of the month IT-giant IBM has launched a beta version of the payment system World Wire on the blockchain Stellar, which will facilitate international banking. Then Stellar reported a million registered users.