IBM is going to develop a database management system based on the blockchain. This became known from the recently published patent application.

The software described in the proposal is part of a global project by IBM to develop a reliable database (DB) system with detection of foreign interventions (IDT-DS). This system will capture discrepancies between data stored in the Central database, and a partial copy of the same data on the blockchain.

As indicated in the patent application, a database management system (DBMS) can work with a Central database and bloccano. In order to gain access to a system, the user will need to send a request to the DBMS. After that admin will be open any used database.

IBM sent the patent application to the patent and trademark office (USPTO) of the United States in December last year. For 2018, the Agency has already granted the company six patents related to the technology of distributed registry.

IBM focused on creating a DBMS that supports blockchain is quite justified: the company has to work with a large amount of sensitive data necessary for the operation of various services. In addition, IBM sees the blockchain as a means of developing a new generation of accountable and transparent applications for transactions that can be trusted.

The tech giant previously introduced IBM solution D2, which included a whole range of products: DBMS, operating database, the data warehouse tool for quick data processing and data lake. The introduction of the blockchain in this decision would deal with several problems, including data inconsistencies and gaps in the security system.

Recall that in July, IBM agreed with the Australian Government about the integration of the blockchain and artificial intelligence in public institutions of the country. In addition, the company actively cooperates with the projects Hyperledger, a platform that promotes cross-sectoral blockchain solutions.

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