The developers of Ethereum Name Service announced a partnership with Minds + Machines Group (MMG) — company owning “top-level domains” system Domain Name System (DNS), such as, for example, .com and .uk.

The agreement will allow users of Ethereum to get to their addresses, domain names, top-level, which greatly simplify the work with scriptactive, wallets and services.

We will remind, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) — the project developer second in terms of market capitalization of cryptocurrency, the purpose of which is to replace long addresses “user readable” names that are bound to the domain .eth — for example, myname.eth.

Future close cooperation with the MMX implies that Ethereum users will soon be able to register their addresses in the domain MMX, which is currently being prepared for launch — .luxe, the authors propose to decipher how “Lets U Easily Xchange” (approx. translation — “allows you to exchange the just”). According to a leading developer, ENS nick Johnson (Nick Johnson), the domain — “originally applied to the blockchain”, and it means access to the assets on the blockchain, and services like apps and smart contracts will be more convenient.

“We are very pleased to help to promote integration between existing domain services and DNS-based Name Service Ethereum, increasing the degree of usability for applications on the blockchain and users,” said Nick Johnson.

He also noted that .luxe will provide “more choices and domain trust models” for users of Ethereum, and that the partnership will become a new level of integration between the DNS namespace and bloccano.

In turn, representatives of the MMX suggests that addresses .luxe will allow “names be used on the Internet in the usual way for e-mail or web traffic”: the address will use the address in all the usual activities on the Internet.

In MMX rely on sufficient demand from users, can talk about the success of the ENS.

Note, the system, launched in may last year, operates on the basis of auction. Applications for the IDs foundation.eth and exchange.eth in astronomical amounts of $27,000 in ETH And $609 000 in ETH, respectively (members of the domain industry, in order to maintain the wave of popularity of “cryptome”) — the usual case for ENS.

“We already know from testing Ethereum in his area .eth, that there is indeed a confirmed demand for the identifiers of words that are applicable to the blockchain,” said the CEO of MMX Toby Hall (Toby Hall).

Team MMX, which is still preparing .luxe to launch plans to establish a “restricted registration” for users of the ENS: in the month of October they will be able to submit requests for names corresponding to their wishes. Starting from October 30, names .luxe will be available to the General public.

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