Yesterday, the Supervisory authority for the financial markets of France (AMF) has adopted the regulations of the ICO in the country. The relevant article included in the national Plan of action for economic growth and transformation of companies (PACTE) at number 26. About it on Twitter said the country’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor (Bruno Le Maire).

The article establishes the powers of the AMF, as the body of approval and licensing activities of companies to raise funds through ICO. It also provides for measures to protect the interests and investments of investors and security requirements and “specific safeguards” that are required to provide enterprises intending to use ICO for compounding capital. Token issuers will also be obliged to report to the representatives of the AMF on its financial structure and position in her digital assets.

French regulations the ICO was adopted only a month later, after the UK representative in the European Parliament and member of the Committee on economic and monetary Affairs (ECON) Ashley-Fox (Ashley Fox) has proposed to develop a unified European space the legislative basis for this procedure. Earlier, in February, to the creation of European legislation on the ICO called on the Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis (Valdis Dombrovskis).

Your intention to make France a center of “scriptorially” Le Mayor outlined back in March. Later the country was reduced the tax rate on profits from trading cryptocurrencies.