South Korean Bitkoex cryptocurrency exchange, launched in may, accidentally leaked to the network data 19 users, creating a threat to the integrity of their assets equivalent to the amount of $620 000.

According to media reports, at the end of last week one of the employees of the exchange wrote in the chat of the social network, what amount of digital currency Karma (KRM) is kept at the accounts of the 19 service users. The messages were specified email addresses, KRM-wallets and private keys from them. These data are sufficient to easily withdraw cryptocurrency users. The total amount of funds on the purses is compromised at the current rate of 750 million South Korean won or $620 000.

According to representatives of Bitkoex employee “leaked” information by chance. Immediately after this became known, the exchange has transferred the assets of users in cold wallets, network cannot be accessed. The company says that thanks to this measure, to withdraw someone else’s money, potential attackers will not be able.

Note, the problems with customer funds protection are observed on the South Korean stock exchanges for a long time. So, last year, hackers gained access to the computer of an employee of the exchange Bithumb. The result was “merged” data from almost 30 000 users. The company had to pay 100,000 KRW (or $of 86.50) each affected client. And on the 19th of June the stock exchange again broke and withdrew funds of $31 million.

Recently, the Ministry of education, science and technology of the Republic of Korea conducted an audit of information security systems 21 cryptocurrency exchanges in the country and came to the conclusion that most of these systems have vulnerabilities. A substantial part of the community tend to believe that the main problem, because of which there are vulnerabilities — gaps in the management of the crypto exchanges, not technical shortcomings.

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