A subsidiary of the largest manufacturer of computers Dell working on solutions for storage and information management, Dell EMC has announced its plans to invest in emerging technologies including the blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing.

So a company based in India, hopes to strengthen its position in several markets and implement some of the tools in work. As told senior Director of infrastructure solutions group at Dell, EMC Manish Gupta (Manish Gupta), another reason why the company decided to invest in the development of blockchain technology became a high interest among its top customers. With the help of innovative tools Dell EMC will try to facilitate the customers a solution for both traditional and new. In the list of the company’s customers are mainly IT companies, banks, financial and investment institutions.

According to Indian Express, in addition to striving Dell EMC meet the expectations of its customers, the company intends to invest in emerging technologies because a large part of the Indian entrepreneurs. According to Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index, 37% of businessmen from India are planning to invest in the blockchain, and 42% in virtual or augmented reality in the coming years.

“India is moving forward… Transformation is happening faster here than in other countries because India has a program of digitization of highly skilled and technically savvy staff,” said chief operating officer of Dell, Dmitri Chen (Chen Dmitri).

It is worth noting that Dell EMC is not the only daughter of Dell who are interested in blockchain technologies. Earlier this year, VMware, specializing in cloud computing and virtualization, announced the launch of project Concord. The company will develop methods of solving problems of scalability and efficient use of energy.

Another computer manufacturer IBM has long been known for their activism in the field of blockchain technology. In the beginning of the month, the IT giant has launched a beta version of a blockchain-based platform for payments.