Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase adds the token 0x (ZRX) on their professional trading platform Coinbase Pro. This is the first support platform token standard ERC-20, running on Ethereum.

In a statement published in the blog exchange yesterday, indicated that the exchange began accepting deposits in the ZRX, while the trade of the asset must be available today (after at least 12 hours after the announcement).

“When we have sufficient liquidity, will begin trading in books applications ZRX/USD, ZRX/ZRX and EUR/BTC. Trade ZRX will be possible for users in most jurisdictions, but initially will not be available to residents of new York state,” wrote General Manager Coinbase Pro David Farmer (David Farmer).

The exchange emphasizes, at the moment it is only listing ZRX platform Coinbase Pro trade the asset continues to be unavailable to investors in or exchange applications for iOS and Android.

As in the case of some assets, previously added, support ZRX will be implemented in four stages: first the transfers, then only the publication of orders, then limited bidding and to be fully functional.

As soon as the statement appeared in the blog, the price of the token began to grow, jumping to a peak, shown in the middle of August. More precisely, the growth rate of the ZRX started for a few minutes before 20:00 Moscow time, when users could see the message and start to make deposits. Press Secretary Coinbase confirmed that the post appeared in the blog at exactly 17:00 UTC (or 20:00 GMT), but said that the platform has begun accepting deposits in 16:55 UTC to make the process as smooth as possible.

In the end, rebounding from the lowest level of $0,64, Coyne has risen by 31%. At the time of publication, its price hovers around 76,8 cents, the daily growth amounted to 13%.

Probably opting ZRX is not surprising, given that the exchange’s plans to integrate token technology standard ERC-20, it became known in March.

However, more specific information appeared in July, when the ZRX came in the top five all coin, adding that exchange promised to think. By the way, then a token Protocol 0x also has responded with significant growth ahead of all their “competitors” — token BAT ecosystem Brave, zcash for, Cardano and Stellar.

In the same statement noted that residents in certain regions and jurisdictions, may not be able to sell individual assets because of issues of local law. In the end, it again new York state, the work in which is a constant object of resentment, a significant part of the community.