The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong (Brian Armstrong) has decided to encourage new employees and dispel excitement about the course bitcoin.

In his Twitter account, Armstrong had created a positive thread out of ten posts that briefly describes the history of BTC. Basically the premise of the thread is that this happened before, and there is no need for concern.

Trying to assure the “newbies”, he shared his own experience, showing that not seen bubbles, and just to do my job much more important than hype. In particular, one of the tweets dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, trying to identify a middle ground:

“When there is excitement, irrational people’s excitement abounds. When things are bad, people turn into irrational pessimists. Both cases are wrong, the truth is always somewhere in the middle, associated more with the actual use (number of transactions per day) than with the course”.

Armstrong reminded about the possibilities which give a down trend, and that now is the right time to work hard on improvements of the exchange.

5/ Over the years I have learned to get pleasure from a negative phase in the cycle of cryptocurrency. They screen out the people who came to the field for the wrong reasons, and give us the opportunity to grow, while everyone else is distracted by the state of prices.

6/ We use a negative phase in order to strengthen our Foundation and to succeed in a rising phase.

In one of the tweets, Armstrong stressed that it is possible to win only by listening to the opinions of the customers. However, despite numerous requests to make a listing XRP, the exchange has made a choice in favor of ETC, causing a strong reaction from the community.

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