IT-entrepreneur and co-founder of the comparative catalogue Fred Šebesta (Fred Schebesta) announced plans to open Australia’s first Bank specializing in cryptocurrencies. He told this in an interview with the online edition of the, published today.

According to Sebesta, interest in cryptocurrencies is growing, despite the high volatility of quotes and soon there will be a need in the institution is able to meet the demand for appropriate services.

He continued, explaining that the public “disappointment” in the course of periods of dominance of negative trends, but the interest is not affected. Bitcoin is considered a bubble like at a cost of $10,000, and when it traded for $1000. The same Šebesta relevant quotes and preceded BTC fluctuations are not too concerned.

“We just witnessed a huge influx of investors from the retail trade. Therefore, all purchase BTC, and when investors sold their assets, people got angry. But you just need to wait,” he explained.

He continued, adding that if someone thinks that bitcoin is worth nothing, then they can send their BTC to him.

Šebesta believes that can open cryptocurrency Bank within 18 months. By law, the institution will have to obtain a license of an authorized Depositary (ADI); in this regard, Šebesta acquired a stake in the Bank Goldfields Money is the only Bank in Western Australia with this license.

The businessman added:

“As soon as you start to grow a massive penetration of cryptocurrency, people have a need for certain services, like custody of the funds, “freeze”, depositing, sharing and spending… And when the credits bitcoin starts to gain momentum, that’s really bring banking to an entirely different level.”

In September 2017 has already launched a comparative index of cryptocurrencies, which led to a tenfold increase in traffic to the site. Six months ago, Šebesta, together with Frank Restuccia (Frank Restuccia) opened the platform OTC trading in cryptocurrencies, HiveX, which has reached a multimillion-dollar stable weekly turnover and online service to pay bills in bitcoin HiveSpend.

Šebesta emphasizes that while the Australian banks are shunning the cryptocurrency. Regional authorities, on the contrary, is actively interested in digital currencies and bloccano in General. So, last Thursday it became known that the government of Queensland has allocated more than $8.3 million on the development of the tourism cryptocurrency startup.

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