The people’s Bank of China (PBoC), which perform the functions of a Central Bank, opened four vacancies for specialists in the field of cryptocurrency. Jobs were posted yesterday on the official website of the Bank.

PBoC is looking for two engineers for the Department Digital Money Institute with experience in cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry, cyber security and design of chips for mining equipment. Engineers will work on the creation of a secure platform for processing big data and chipset, which enable cryptocurrency transactions. It is also the responsibility of the specialists will include support of system software for digital currencies, development of encryption technologies and security models.

In addition, the PBoC will hire two experts in economic law and Finance, who will be engaged in legal research and analysis of economic mechanisms the risk management and strategic study of the issue of legalizing digital currencies.

It is worth noting that the Central Bank of China has long demonstrated its interest in the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrency: over the past year, the PBoC has filed more than 40 patent applications related to the technology of distributed registry. In addition, in June the Bank has developed a blockchain-based system for issuing digital checks.