Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire (Jeremy Allair) called Ethereum “a catalyst for positive trends” of the market observed in the fourth quarter of 2017. According to the businessman, a similar situation may occur in 2019. He said this on Wednesday during the recording of the release of ‘Fast Money’ on CNBC.

Discussing with the host the current state of the cryptocurrency market, Allaire noted that public infrastructure blackany type Ethereum is invaluable for developers and their projects. Continuing this thought, he said:

“We can continue to create applications that will replace modern solutions for secure storage, whether it be money or financial contracts capital gains, debt issuance, transfers, however, any kind of confidential or reporting solutions can be optimized by cryptocurrency asset and the blockchain technology”.

In response to the question about what a platform for decentralized applications will be the most popular in the near future, Aller had gone back to his statement about Ethereum. Continuing, he stressed that the ETH blockchain remains the most popular among developers, leaving behind EOS, NEO, Cardano and other competing network.

Allaire believes that its success owes to the growth of Ethereum’s presence in the industry that had a positive impact on the industry as a whole:

“One of the factors of growth of the cryptocurrency market in last year was the fact that the Ethereum blockchain, in particular, was open for applications. You can place tokens to use smart contracts for the sale of financial agreements. Obviously, this was the catalyst for a wave of ICO, if you want.”

Despite the fact that Allaire was not the only prominent figure in the industry, publicly supporting Ethereum, part of the community is much more critical. Due to the fact that the number of “dead” tokens on the basis of the blockchain exceeded 800 items of Ethereum began to blame the “harboring” Scam. In addition, there is still an acute problem of scalability: on Tuesday, an independent researcher, known on Twitter under the name BTCOIN, recorded the excess of the fee for processing the transactions compared to bitcoin bloccano.

Soon, however, this issue can be addressed. During a speech at the conference of the RISE Foundation Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin (Lubin Joseph) talked about the fact that Ethereum will soon move to “phase two” of development, which should improve the scalability of the blockchain and eliminate the associated problems.

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