The world’s largest company asset management BlackRock will not create a cryptocurrency exchange-traded Fund (ETF) until the relevant markets will not be legalized. About this at the Dealbook conference, organized by the New York Times, said of CEO Larry Fink (Larry Fink).

Despite the fact that Fink intrigued by the technology of the blockchain, he still has doubts about cryptocurrency.

In particular, when the head of the Bank asked about the openness of his company cryptocurrency markets, he said that BlackRock did not deny the possibility of working with investment products relating to virtual currencies, but at the moment the company is not ready. When asked whether ETF launched cryptocurrency the company, Fink said, “I won’t say never, when it [the industry] will be legitimate, Yes.”

As you know, within a few months, investors watched with interest for news on the consideration of the American Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) filings for the creation of bitchology ETF. Despite the fact that regulators have rejected a number of companies, the Fund VanEck and SolidX, according to some assumptions, has a chance to get the support of SEC, while to postpone its decision.

In a recent interview with Fox Business Gabor Garbacz (Gabor Gurbacs), Director of strategies for digital assets VanEck, spoke about the expectation of a positive response:

“We are as close as possible. For me it is absolutely clear that America wants bitcoin ETF, and we are here to create it”.

Probably, the approval by the regulator of exchange-traded Fund VanEck just may be the event, which means BlackRock under the legalization of the market, that is what these companies are waiting to enter the market.

Fink, however, said that the problems of anonymity, cryptocurrencies remain a bottleneck and that the government will not give green light to such currencies, such as bitcoin until there is a legal framework.

“Ultimately this should be supported by the government. I do not feel that any of the governments will allow it, as long as they will not understand, where this money may be tax evasion, and all that relates to the other problems,” explained Fink.

At the same time it has certain expectations about the future of digital money, saying that the cryptocurrency can be widely disseminated as a means of capital preservation.

“I definitely think that one day we will be able to start trading electronic currency, which is a means of capital preservation,” said Larry Fink.

He added, however, that while this is not the time due to the fact that it is impractical to establish a means of preserving capital for “things not to do” — illegal activities.

But Fink clearly interested in the technology underlying the cryptocurrency, which, from his point of view, may entail a revolution in every industry, which is dominated by paper media:

“We really believe in the blockchain. The biggest scope for blockchain — mortgages, mortgage applications, mortgage forms of ownership, any thing that is processed on paper.”