BitGo, a startup specializing in cybersecurity, will include a range of custody solutions 57 tokens on the basis of Ethereum. This is with reference to internal sources writes CoinDesk.

According to technical Director Benedict Chan (Benedict Chan), the extension of the directions taken in connection with the growing demand for custody solutions for the alternative digital asset with the protection of private keys. The service will be available today; representatives of BitGo did not disclose the full list of new assets, however, including Kin, as well as the native tokens of several decentralized exchanges and Civic blockchain-based platform for personal data management.

As the Vice-President of the marketing division of the company Robin Verderosa (Robin Verderosa), the target audience BitGo — the institutional investors who are interested in management services for many assets. He added:

“We found out that they are interested in investing in the basket all coin and tokens that seem to reduce risks in the market and generate better return on capital.”

To increase the attractiveness for institutional investors, BitGo plans to Regulations — a license for rendering financial services within the state of new York, as well as a licensed Depository in South Dakota. Until the end of 2018, the company will add custodial solutions for the hundred or more digital assets.

Project Manager at BitGo Isaac Eleftheriadis (Isaac Eleftheriadis) told CoinDesk that the first part of this year’s group of new sentences were formed according to preferences of institutional customers of the startup. This approach BitGo will continue to use in the future: once demand for a certain token becomes apparent, the company will begin an internal investigation to ensure the reliability of its developers and issuers. Subsequently, when the asset became available for Deposit at BitGo, the company continues monitoring for reporting on safety, and timely action in case of code updates.

Eleftheriadis added that customers BitGo themselves repeatedly acted as issuers:

“There were instances when customers have asked us to support them tokens of the standard ERC-20… They don’t want to spend the ICO is not confident that all their tokens can be deposited in BitGo”.

Previously custody on selecting BitGo included only the most popular digital assets such as bitcoin and ether. Recall that in may, the startup has unveiled three packages of services also focused on institutional investors.

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