Blockchain startup Axoni raised $32 million round of funding, led by investment Bank Goldman Sachs and other venture investors. On 14 August, Forbes said.

In addition to Goldman Sachs in funding round series B participating investment company Nyca Partners, a banking company Wells Fargo, a financial holding company JPMorgan, Citigroup conglomerate and a venture capital Fund Andreessen Horowitz. The total amount of capital raised Axoni in the end totaled $55 million.

As one of the founders of the startup, this round of funding was held not only to raise funds, but also for the conclusion of a strategic Alliance with companies that are actively engaged in the implementation of the blockchain in the mainstream financial sector. For example, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Citigroup are already testing the platform Axoni for trading on the secondary securities market.

The startup team Axoni started in new York in 2016 with the idea to promote the businesses of three of its own platform based on a distributed registry, with which they could improve communication with customers. At the moment the project has collected a sufficient amount of in order to start implementing the ideas.

The largest project of the startup company associated with the DTCC, which provides clearing and settlement services for financial markets. For the year through the company are securities transactions totaling approximately us $1.6 quadrillion. Last year, DTCC announced a collaboration with Axoni, IBM and a consortium of R3 to restart your store of data on trading operations with derivatives, using one of the platforms startup Axcore.

It is worth noting that Goldman Sachs is actively working on the cryptocurrency market. In may, the Bank told about the plans for futures on bitcoin, as we received many requests from customers who want to use cryptocurrency as an alternative asset. A week ago it became known that Goldman Sachs plans to develop its own custodial service for digital assets. This step can open the way to further development of the company and the launch of cryptocurrency platform that provides Depository and brokerage services.