The Association of “FINTECH” (AFL) announced its intention to make public the source code “Mastercam”. The decision was made to reduce production costs of companies that want to use the platform for their own development but do not have enough resources for entry into the AFL. This is with reference to own sources in the Association, writes “Kommersant”.

As explained by managing Director of the Association Tatyana Zharkova, public code, in fact, will be conditionally-open:

“The community will be given a code under an open license, which implies free access. Aft reserves the right to develop additional modules to the platform, to which access may be applicable”.

According to Zharkova, this approach promotes the development of innovative solutions on the basis of “Mastercam”, while maintaining a niche for the inner corporate workings of the organization. Directly network the platform will remain closed to third-party companies.

According to “Kommersant”, the ATF focused on the financial sector companies: banks, insurance, investment companies interested in technology development.

On the assessment of the anonymous IT professional, involved in the project, the final cost FOR if you have access to the code “Mastercam” is reduced by about half. “Immediately removed many administrative barriers, reducing the time for completion of the approvals,” he explained.

The first part of testing access to the source code of the platform has received a number of large integrators; the number of potential testers is known in the financial market holdings. “They are primarily interested in the ability to reduce and simplify workflow in the supply chain of goods, the prospects of integration with the Federal authorities (Federal Executive authorities — approx. CoinMarket.News) and financial institutions”, — said Zharkov.

In General, representatives of the banking sector welcomed the project. Thus, the representatives of Sberbank noted that the opening of source code for public use “will increase its safety through the assessment of a wide community of developers”. VTB believed that the quantity and quality of development on the basis of “Mastercam” promotes healthy competition among the participants of the ATP. Managing Director of innovation and technology “FC Opening” Mikhail Sokolov also mentioned the international aspect of the judgement of aft:

“Disclosure of the source code will allow to involve in the network of foreign counterparties, for which the obstacle was the inaccessibility of the implementation of Russian cryptography”.

However, brokers and a small monetary organizations agree that “Mastercam” is of no value to their activities, because the platform includes the tools that are potentially useful for these categories of market participants.

Experts and the leadership of ATF emphasize that “Mastercam” can not and does not seek to compete with registries like Ethereum, and Hyperledger at the global level. In the savings Bank believe that the advantage of the platform is exclusively in domestic cryptography. Moreover, the Bank plans to expand its participation in the project: “”Masterscan” copy public Ethereum without the protection of sensitive data and is not suitable for solving most of our problems,” — said the press service of the institution.

Recall that earlier this month, the AFL entered into a partnership with the Association of corporate treasurers (ACC); the project aims to optimize the exchange of data between ACC and a national banking system. It is unknown whether this represents a collaboration joining the ACC in the “FINTECH” or the project is part of testing open source code.

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