This week in Las Vegas hosted a conference Oktane 18 on the latest technological developments and their use to enhance authentication security.

One of the speakers was Teresa Kastel (Kastel Theo Alliance), Vice President at American Express technologies, which said that the company is now exploring several areas of application of blockchain technology to enhance security:

“American Express is a very innovative company. In one of our research centers, which I visited recently, experts had worked exclusively on the use of the blockchain for financial transactions. Now we have started to look at what may be the purse, which has a function ID, and whether using the blockchain to make the transaction as between cards within the system, and with the cards of other systems.”

It should be noted that before the performance of the Castel on Oktane 18, American Express announced that the company plans to use the technology Hyperledger to develop a system in which sellers will be able to create unique incentive programs for cardholders. Castel said that the blockchain is important and for many other services American Express.

“As representatives of the financial industry, it is important for us to remain conservative in relation to rules and laws. However, we can’t ignore something that can help the user in protecting his information. Working in this field, you must constantly evolve and seek something new to improve… in a world where everything is changing so rapidly, you always need to be sure that the competitors you have not surpassed,” said Castel.

By the way, one of the speakers Oktane 18 was the former President of the USA Barack Obama (Barrack Obama), the performance of which was dedicated to the use of innovative technologies for the modernization of the voting process in the United States.

“Why would I genuinely like, so it’s easier to vote, not to complicate it. We are the only developed country on Earth that deliberately complicates this process”, — he said in conclusion.