The innovation unit of Airbus A3 has announced the launch of the project Heritage, in terms of the mechanism of open source based on Ethereum, allowing you to accept donations for charity organizations in the cryptocurrency. It is reported Trustnodes.

Last month Airbus Foundation celebrated 10 years of operation. According to the company, during the past decade has been many things:

“Coordinated 66 flights for the transportation of more than 864 tonnes of essential aid and medical and humanitarian personnel, funded 418 hours of exploitation of helicopters in over 20 emergency missions. In addition, more than 700 people have been trained on the implementation of rescue operations by helicopter.”

In continuation of these achievements, “Heritage Foundation will provide Airbus decentralized application for making donations to his address and to partners in the field of philanthropy in cryptocurrency and controls them on the Ethereum blockchain”.

“In accordance with the obligations assumed by the Airbus Foundation, the Association of people and products to inspire the next generation, we’ll open the blockchain-direction,” — said in a statement.

By the way, unit A3, whose headquarters is in Silicon valley, has already demonstrated a good knowledge of the Ethereum ecosystem on Github:

“Smart contracts Heritage ensure the creation and issue of assets on the basis of the standard ERC-721, grantmaking in these assets. Managers selected by the owner of the contract, pick up donations for a particular case. Donors receive a donation to ERC-721, which will serve as certificate or sign of their social impact”.

Also, managers can produce donuts directly to “notarize donations in Fiat.”

Edition Trustnodes that applied to the company’s account on Github, trying to find the address of the smart contract, in the end it turned out DAI before the code that uses templates Zeppelin.

According to a press release, Airbus Foundation really will use the platform of DAI as a kind of Bank: “DAI gives Heritage an opportunity to produce donuts in USD and insulates charitable organizations from volatility of cryptocurrencies”.

The company also plans to integrate the Protocol 0x, which, in their words, “allows you to create a market for donations, where donors can purchase a social effect,” it is suitable.

In addition, a significant role in the development of the project will play a Plasma solution or a modified version of the Plasma Cash, the company describes them as “a solution for scaling the second level, which provides thousands of transactions per second, while the assets underlying protected at the decentralized reference layer”.

To do this more efficiently should help the developers of Ethereum that will work together with experts from the division of innovation aeropuerot giant Airbus.

Moreover, apparently, the current draft Heritage is just the beginning.

“Our long-term goal is to integrate blockchain technology in business applications that can benefit from this, all Airbus divisions,” — says in a press release.

To note, Heritage is one of several projects coming from corporations in which the decision to use private blockchain, a public Ethereum network. The choice is due to the potential transparency of the processes, as well as a high level of protection.

“The open public nature of these networks increases the level of accountability to donors and helps in solving the problem of custodial storage means, when brokers run away with money earmarked for charity,” — said in a statement Airbus.

Another reason pointed by the developers, is decentralization.

“If we accept that the world transformirovalsya from the industrial to the digital community, we must prepare for a future that includes decentralized, public blackany… Ethereum is the leading platform for decentralized development in the field of smart contracts, Ethereum… implements strategies for scaling without sacrificing decentralization or the underlying consensus which endows it with the blockchain value”.

Recall that the Ethereum platform continues to attract companies from around the world: recently we wrote about the new blockchain system to work with the insurance payments to victims of natural disasters, the basis for which was the blockchain cryptocurrency No. 2.

Believes in the platform and known programmer Brendan Eich (Brendan Eich) — Creator of the Brave browser, the JavaScript language and many Internet technologies:

“We need to be on the market, so now we use Ethereum”.