Zcash for Foundation has announced that the resistance to the extension of ASIC miners will be a “technical absolute priority” of the company. The reason for the statement was the announcement of a mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain about the completion of the development is compatible with Equinash-algorithm model.

The text of the statement made by the Executive Director of the Foundation zcash for John Cincinnati (Cincinnati John) said that additional resources will be immediately directed to the test “in fact the presence of ASIC miners in the network zcash for and the extent of its spread”. The company will convene an Advisory Board to provide “evidence-based recommendations”.

Bitmain will start shipping the first models for mining on Equinash — Antminer Z9 mini — already in June. ASIC machines are superior to the Assembly on GPU performance, and many believe that Bitmain secretly used their devices for an indefinite period of time.

After the next fixture Bitmain in zcash for sale will be forced to make a choice. The project management will either have to accept the presence of ASIC — which, in fact, concentrate the computing power in the hands of a small number of companies, or to do everything possible (most likely repeatedly) to prevent the work of ASIC miners in the network zcash for.

At this stage, the company plans to conduct a thorough research of possible ways of blocking the ASIC. The final decision will be taken only after a vote within the community zcash for. In case of positive outcome, the corresponding update will be completed by the end of the year, i.e. months after the start of sales of Antminer Z9 mini. However, the Cincinnati not sure that this decision will be effective in the long term:

“Even if we neutralize the ASIC-machines for Protocol Equinash, it won’t be done. Will definitely be a new ASIC, and we may have to go through the process. I don’t mind periodically go to “Sisyphean”, but surely there is a more optimal solution… Over time we will need it because I don’t know how viable this strategy”.

To zcash for “war with ASIC” announced the developers of other cryptocurrencies. So, Monero will conduct large-scale upgrades every six months, and the first update was done immediately after the appearance of news about the ASIC miner that is compatible with the Protocol CrytoNight.

Cincinnati believes that, ultimately, the industry needs to focus not on the fact of resistance, and on the purpose for which it was organized:

“I think it would be better to divert the discussion from the “ASIC resistance” to his alleged targets: decentralization, less “dense” the PoW mechanism and network availability. But yet to act, what we’ll do.”