In “Yandex.Browser” appeared protection from covert mining. About innovation with reference to the head of the desktop version of the project of the Novel Ivanov, reports “Kommersant”. To calculate and lock-mining scripts, the browser analyzes the load on the processor device. The algorithm works in all versions of the app, including mobile devices on iOS and Android.

If the browser detects the increase in computational load, the program will start the background check for the presence of script for mining. When detected, the script will be blocked; open the web page and the site completely will continue to work.

“Such mining often affects the system negatively, potentially capturing up to 100% of the capacity of each processor core,” — said Ivanov.

It is unknown whether the functionality of the browser crash test. For a user signal of a possible “shadow mining” may be in poor performance and overheating of the device.

Says anti-virus expert “Kaspersky Lab” Alexey Malanov protection against such scripts in browsers began to appear from the end of 2017, however in most cases it was used a special extension. By itself, the CPU load is not necessarily indicative of covert mining, but Malanov believes that one should not completely ignore the level.

“First, the mining scripts are able to limit load to be less suspicious. Second, probable false positives on sites which use high load for a lawful purpose,— he lists.— If the computer is old, even the video stream can give a false signal.”

According to “Kaspersky Lab”, in 2017, more than 2 million users were attacked miners. The spread of malicious scripts was allegedly carried out with the help of advertising and pirated software, as well as unofficial “Repack” games.

We will remind, according to information service Malwarebytes, millions of users of Android devices used for covert mining Monero.