The company Circle was added in zcash for your application to kryptonsite. A statement posted in the company blog.

Recall, the startup introduced the app Circle Invest in the past year, and its launch took place in March of this year. Users Circle Invest Platform to buy crypto-currencies and invest in them, since the launch of the application is available Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin.

“Our mission Circle to Invest is to democratize access to investing in scriptactive for each client. A broader scope of assets available to Invest Circle, continues our work in accordance with the mission, and, of course, we will do our best to ensure that give access without crypto puzzles (approx. without cryptic crypto – word game; one of the goals outlined by the startup to make the app simple) everything and everywhere,” reads the company blog.

It is important now that investing in cryptocurrencies can Invest through the Circle and residents of the state of new York, however, investors and some US States still do not have access to the app — we are talking about Minnesota, Wyoming and Hawaii.

According to senior product Manager of the company Rachel Mayer (Rachel Mayer), Circle has a “working group responsible for finding the best scriptactive” for clients. However, the representative of the startup has not explained why the choice fell on an anonymous cryptocurrency zcash for, noting only that token on the platform should be consistent with “the policies of regulatory licensing” company.

It is noteworthy that at the same time cryptocurrency zcash for were in the “black list” of the Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) is the regulator required to remove from the zcash for trading cryptocurrencies, Monero and Dash from all the local exchanges, and the crypto currency exchange Coincheck has already stopped working with them.