Developers of the popular hardware wallet cold storage best wallet confirmed that it has started the integration Cashaddr — a new format of addresses, which avoids confusion with the addresses of bitcoin core and Bitcoin Cash.

A supporter of Bitcoin Cash, Jason Elliott, asked the creators of the purses in on Twitter when their users can expect integration Cashaddr.

N. Bach of the best wallet you answered that work on the implementation Cashaddr is already underway, and attached a link to Github, confirming his words.

The link leads to a Github profile developer and author Cashaddr #285, Hoenicke Jochen (Jochen Hoenicke). He has three commits, and one of the participants of the repository is Pavol Rusnak (Pavol Rusnak) of Satoshi Labs.

Recall that last summer, before a fork of Bitcoin Cash, that Rusnak was nominated for the Github suggestion to change the format of the addresses:

“I propose to change the address version to something else, to make it clear that this address is the address Bitcoin Cash. (For example, it may begin with C)”.

Lead developer of Bitcoin Cash, Amaury Sechet (Amaury Séchet), also known as deadalnix, agreed with the proposal Rusnak, adding:

“I plan to change the address format. Change is expensive, so I would like to explore other options beyond simply changing the prefix before settling on something. Also, I will need to convince other members of the community that it is a good address format”.

In the end, this option became Cashaddr. He was recognized as the best option today for efficient database support cryptocurrency wallets.

We will remind, two weeks ago on Reddit began a heated discussion about what the best wallet is still not supported the Bitcoin address Cash new format. In response, the co-founder of best wallet has tweeted that the delay is caused by shortcomings of the decision developed by a team of Bitcoin Cash.

“The cause of this mess in a bad architectural decision of the team Bitcoin cash. We warned them, they knew about the problems but decided to ignore them. I refuse to be held accountable. Support Cashaddr in the standard development process and will be ready once everything is done.”