Xiaomi, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in China, quietly and without fanfare, launched his own CryptoKitties.

The service is Jiami Tu (which translated into English means CryptoBunnies). It allows users with accounts Xiaomi to buy digital rabbits with different designs and has a built-in deficit in the system, the blockchain, which stores transactions for each operation. However, at the moment it is unclear what the blockchain used by the company for product support — public or private.

The service agreement, Xiaomi pointed out that the first time it will offer a limited number of digital Pets every day from 11:00 Beijing time. The daily number of issued cryptosytem remains unknown.

Despite the launch of a new service in the testing phase without additional advertising, it seems that he aroused the enthusiasm of users. All CryptoBunnies available today, was disassembled within an hour after launch.

The Xiaomi emphasize that the platform prohibits any collection of funds or the exchange between Fiat and cryptocurrency with the new digital Pets. This step is associated with the current prohibition on the China primary supply of coins and the cryptocurrency trading.

The emergence of this service marks the growing interest of Chinese enterprises to the development of blockchain applications as a way to test new technologies and increasing user engagement.

Earlier, Xiaomi joined a consortium of Hyperledger supported by Linux Foundation and plans to use the blockchain to promote Internet solutions company.

Recall that the launch of CryptoBunnies was preceded by a similar step Baidu, the search giant of China, which in early February launched a service of cryptozoic.