As Bloomberg reports, Chinese regulators are prepared to carefully check the internal traders of the cryptocurrency, threatening to freeze their assets.

Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg claims that the Chinese government can carefully examine the Bank and online accounts belonging to natural and legal persons, who bypassed the ban on China’s domestic trade digital currencies using foreign exchange.

“Account holders can deal with the fact that their assets will be frozen or locked the domestic financial system”, — reports the edition.

Recall that a few weeks ago, in the newspaper, which is under the control of the Central Bank of China, it was reported that the Central Bank has called for the ban and blocking websites of foreign cryptocurrency exchanges in order to prevent the participation of local investors in the trade and ICO.

It seems that this step will be a logical continuation anticryptogamic policy of China, held last fall. Taken the restrictions forced local representatives of kryptonyte, especially miners, to emigrate to more friendly jurisdictions like Canada and Switzerland.

Despite the fact that in the past China was the world’s largest trading platform for cryptocurrencies, now the country does not affect world markets of cryptocurrencies.

So before the bans from China at the end of 2016, the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies was just under $ 20 billion. A year later, in January of this year, the figure peaked at 795 billion.