Cryptocurrency exchange Xena Exchange announced the launch of the first cryptocurrency derivatives on Gram token with leverage. The tool will be available to users on February 27. About this magazine ForkLog said the representatives of the site.

Thus, the project investors Telegram Open Network (TON) will be able to trade derivatives until the actual release token Gram for the exchange.

“Everyone who wanted, but did not buy a Gram, you will be able to capitalize on the potential growth rate of the popular token, and the current holders Gram can protect their investments from the possible fall after the listing on the stock exchanges. This is the first time in the cryptocurrency market when derivatives are used to hedge risks,” said Xena Exchange CEO Anton Kravchenko.

According to forecasts Xena Exchange trading volume on contracts Gram will reach $3.5 billion in the first three months.

Furthermore, 18 Feb Xena Exchange will launch a section for trading cryptodermatinae in addition to the existing spot engine. The first derivatives on the exchange will contract with BTC to USD.

“The opportunity to invest in crypto currencies through derivatives should attract traditional and institutional investors in the stock market, thereby ensuring the inflow of new funds, increasing trading volumes and reducing volatility,” — said Anton Kravchenko.

ForkLog previously reported that by the end of 2019 total cost token-Gram could be $29.5 billion.

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