Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki (Caroline Wozniacki), 3rd in the world ranking, has signed an agreement with the Singapore company Global Crypto Exchange Offering (GCOX) is about to release their own cryptocurrency.

Earlier on the platform GCOX decided to launch their tokens the legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao (Emmanuel Dapidran “Manny” Pacquiao), former English football star Michael Owen (Michael Owen) and American singer Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo).

“To be the first athlete with his own token, really cool… I look forward to the opportunity to distribute it before it starts other people,” said Wozniacki.

In GCOX explained that the tokens will provide customers exclusive products and interacting with the celebrities who will receive income from the sale of coins.

According to General Director GCOX Jeffrey Lin (Jeffrey Lin), the first celebrity-token is likely to be launched next year, but exactly whose is still unknown.

Recall that earlier plans to issue its own tokens to interact with fans, said such well-known European football clubs like “Paris St Germain” and “Juventus“. And the clubs of the English Premier League “Newcastle United” and “Cardiff city”, as well as Brazilian “Avai“, decided through the launch of a cryptocurrency to attract additional funding.