Mining pools and AntPool operator which is the largest manufacturer of equipment for mining cryptocurrency Bitmain, reject all SegWit transaction network of bitcoin. Reported known in the community trader WhalePanda with reference to the Reddit user.

After mining almost all empty blocks in the beginning of the month, @AntPoolofficial has now completely stopped mining Segwit transactions.

— WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) October 29, 2018

Thus, the user -johoe said that AntPool managed to get four blocks in a row, thereby completing mempool SegWit-transactions. If the box #547 566 the Commission amounted to 0,04 BTC, he argues, on the next block that got she was already 0,24 BTC.

Nevertheless, many users agreed that the pools will just do harm to their business because of ideological beliefs, and the network of bitcoin is resistant to this kind of censorship.

In early September AntPool was accused of using the optimization algorithm AsicBoost on the block #540 032.

A month and a half Bitmain has provided updated software for the Antminer S9 devices that support this algorithm, and soon the decision was implemented in the operating system Braiins Wolfram from Slush Pool.

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