Analyst with the independent rating Agency Weiss Joan Villaverde said that, despite the EOS has a rating of B-at the moment this network is more like “the feudal Kingdom of serfs”.

Villaverde believes that EOS is indeed “a distributed platform of the third generation”, but at the moment the network is very centralized. The Gini index in respect of the EOS is 97 points, which indicates the focus of the vast majority of tokens in the hands of a small group of addresses.

Moreover, a delegated Proof-Of-Stake allows token holders to vote 30 times the same number. This suggests that if you want a few big players will elect 21 of the manufacturer of the blocks, which will lead the ecosystem.

In Weiss suggest to at least reduce the number of additional votes to increase the number of producers units. At the same time, the Agency is convinced that the impact of whales is necessary to limit by setting the maximum volume of tokens which you can vote, at 2.5% of the total emissions.

In addition, Villaverde believes that the largest holders are required to disclose their identities.

We will remind, earlier appointed manufacturers of units launched core network EOS to test for bugs.