The Venezuelan government will start monitoring the Bank accounts to identify cryptocurrency transactions and follow legal action against those who sell coins “at speculative prices”. This was announced В with reference to the statement by the Vice-President Tarek al-Aissami.

Operation aimed at preventing capital outflows from the country through cryptocurrency, called “Iron hand.” Officials believe that cryptocurrency trading affects the volatility of the U.S. dollar in pair with Bolivar.

“The purpose of this war is to destroy the country’s financial system, the government will stand up to those who started the crypto conspiracy”, — said the official.

According to al-Aissami, under operation “Paper hands” on accounts with the Bank Banesco was frozen 5 billion bolivars ($50 thousand), and the 12 trillion bolivars ($120 million), intended for smuggling to Colombia, were seized. In addition, the work was stopped for two operators of cryptocurrency exchanges.

At the same time, the government recognizes that “underground” cryptocurrency transactions are not terminated.

We will remind, against a background of hyperinflation in Venezuela have soared, the demand for money, which the locals are buying via p2p site LocalBitcoins.