In Balashikha found a large underground center for mining cryptocurrency, covering an area the size of about 500 square meters. Presumably, the owner of a mining farm is the Chairman of intouriste Konstantin Zolotukhin.

It all started with complaints from residents of five apartment buildings in the frequent blackouts. The cause of the outages — the debts for electricity. In addition, Mosenergosbyt said abnormal growth of the electricity consumption of the residential complex over the past few months:

“The April consumption — 500 thousand kWh, in may — 200 1 million, in June — 2 500 million, in July — 2 600 in August — 2 700. Debt for 33.5 million rubles,” — said the company.

The owner of the mining enterprise not even going anything to formalize, deciding to hang duty to tenants.

“Rate used is the rate of the population, 3 rubles 71 kopecks for electric stoves. Turns out, it is advantageous to arrange the Commerce for the tariffs,” — said in Mosenergosbyt.

After drawing attention to cryptotermes, equipment from it began to hastily evacuate. The inspectors were able to detect only a third of the cards, although judging by the inventory numbers, they had to be more than 2000. The market value of the equipment is about a few hundred million rubles.

The population of the residential complex hopes to help law enforcement, thinking that the farm simply transfer to another place, and their debt will only grow, while the residential complex does not remain without light.

Recall that the activities of miners in Russia is not regulated, the question of its legality and taxation were to be resolved only after the adoption of the corresponding zakona. However, in September the concept of “mining” and “cryptocurrency” was removed from prepared for the second hearing in the state Duma the draft law “On digital of financial assets”.