Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), national co-op marketing of milk, which unites more than 14.5 thousand farmers, will test the capabilities of the blockchain in agriculture and food production.

As reported by the organization in a press release, a pilot project on traceability of dairy products will be implemented on the blockchain the platform ripe tech startup.io. It is aimed at increasing transparency of supply chains, which should help to increase the confidence of buyers who will be able to get information about the product, starting from the place of origin.

“Consumers today want to know where their food comes, and the blockchain technology similar to ripe.io provides data in real time that can really help to increase trust and confidence in food production from beginning to end,” said Vice President of DFA David Darr (Darr David).

In a pilot project on the platform ripe.io will be used the data group of dairy farms that are members of DFA and one of the processing plants of the cooperative, said in a press release. At the moment the task of the organization to evaluate the technology and learn how it can benefit the supply chain, said David Darr.

We will remind, on the eve of Walmart and Sam’s Club took the decision during the year to transfer at blockchain tracking deliveries in a trading network the leafy greens. Previously, the project tracking of supplies to manufacturing everyday products such as milk, vegetables and fish started to implement the Indian state of Kerala.