Pay attention to the behavior of the curve the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies – Wednesday, June 13, consolidating in a small range. However, the overall tendency of decrease may 2018 is not interrupted and does not change. That is, the current suspension of the fall, yet strong buyer, considered as a preparation for a new round of sales.

Since the beginning of the trading day leading ten cryptocurrencies mostly in the black, but a slight optimism with a maximum growth of less than 1%. The drawdown on some of the assets does not exceed 1%.


Purchase $7000-7034 is only possible if the price can hold above $6600.


For today trading opportunity may appear when breaking down the uptrend line from June 13. A break-down of $493 will cause sales to $463.


Use for making trading decisions $10,7000. A break up can be a reason to buy the asset for $11,0049. Hang down (and the strong sales) will be an occasion of short positions to the support of $10,2000.


Working today and tomorrow on the rebound from the level of $193,60. Bidding higher can be the reason to buy the asset for $207,40 (the probability of scenario 30%). If the price will go under the trend line from June 13 – sale for $174-180.


Since we do not expect high volatility today and tomorrow, but also permitted the option of reducing the value of the cryptocurrency as a priority – I propose to work on the key levels that have been formed on the market in recent days. For example, the achievement of resistance $of 127.95 and hang down will cause sales to $122,16. If the price will go sharply higher $of 127.95, the upside target lies at $132,20. In the fall of quotes below the level of $122,16 goal down to $116,20.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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