The dynamics of the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies descending. May 5, the tendency of cryptocurrency there is. Recovery attempt from 29 may to 4 June was only a correction that confirms the absence of strong buyers and the need to wait for the completion of all key events in the political and economic world: a meeting of the leaders of the United States and North Korea (June 12), the rate decision, the fed (13 June), the OPEC meeting (June 22). In addition, the negative impact on the mood of the customers is having a requirement CFTC (Commission on urgent exchange trade of the USA) to provide data on trading platforms Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp and itBit after the launch of futures on Bitcoin.

11 June sales for the crypt was triggered by the news about the hacking of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges Coinrail. As a result, over 70% of digital assets have been stolen (actually taken in the so-called “cold” wallet is not connected to the Internet media).


Given the recent drawdown Bitcoin new purchases while open is not worth it. Swipe at the chart technical support $6587 $5754 (holders of Bitcoin are now horrified by the prospect of falling prices to $5754. But don’t have any illusions that it will happen again in 2017. Before. And buyers at the current price, and buyers at $9000 and above – all who have frozen their investment in a year or two or three. Explosive growth is not yet waiting. Active speculation – the purchase of cryptocurrencies, access to the cache is the most lucrative and profitable tactics, if you want to earn cryptocurrency in 2018-2019 gg). Not yet formed a clear turn – on purchases are not talking. Sale $6587 possible if the price will go under $6770.


If You are going to have to buy Ethereum, I want to draw Your attention to the lower support of the asset at the level of $430-440. Apparently, the price might go to retest. Yes, $ 100 down. News background according to the generally unfavorable market for shopping. The falling trend since may 5 is maintained. That is, either the price goes up to $430 and there will be a turn upward. Either is breached the falling trend since may 5, then the possible purchase. We need a good entry point to a high probability of making a profit – because waiting for a quality entry signals into the market.


Working in a new environment. EOS in drawdown. The price is clamped in the triangle, which can be as a trend continuation and reversal. Purchase for $12,000, and sales to $10,0000 possible after the breakout of key levels as shown in the chart below.


And $220 was not a drop limit. Given the sales over the past two days looms the target of reducing to $170-171.


Previously it upside reversal from $122.

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